"TENGAI GALLERY" (2012 July - 2013 August) is a commercial gallery in Nakameguro which was made as a base for art produced by Tenmyouya Hisashi.

The gallery functioned as a place to introduce cutting edge artists as well as to tell the outlook of the BASARA. In the "BASARA" Exhibition he referred a hybrid style of classical and contemporary Japanese art, while in the "TENGAI GALLERY" he focused on introducing of contemporary artists.

The word “Tengai”, quoted by Japanese traditional phrase “Kisou Tengai yori otsu”, means “beyond the imagination”. Inspired by great old Japanese artists with the profound name, he intended to innovate a scheme of Japanese authentic art.

Actually he introduced various kinds of artists from any genres including commercial arts, fine arts, traditional arts, contemporary arts, street arts and high arts beyond Japanese conservative schemes.

Also in Nakameguro area where the gallery was located, many ruins of the Joumon period has found historically. It’s so important for him to show his art concept of "Basara" (Actually once he has written an art book titled “Basara from Jomon pottery to decorated trucks”).