“Kongokai (the spiritual principle)”
Apparatus for Transmitting Icons -Erasure of Essence According to the Fontanese View-


Jan 2006
Tracing paper, Pencil,
Mending tape, String,
Acrylic ball, Acrylic board, Acrylic stick, Cord,
Fluorescent lamp

イコン伝達装置 −本質の消失によるフォンタナ的考察−金剛界

When the essence is erased, can the essence's existence be clearly expressed? This is a device that attempts to express that thought with light according to Fontanese concepts. Lucio Fontana is renowned for his "White Manifesto" and "Technical Manifesto of Spatialism." Employing the permeability of translucent tracing paper, in this work I critique the flatness of painting by emphasizing its very flimsiness. At the same time, this work also expresses my respect for flat paintings with the transparency that comes from permeability.