“Up to Eighty-two Decisive Moves in Professional Sumo”
from Legendary Warriors Series


Jan 2001
Acrylic, Pen, Paper

武闘派列伝 大相撲決まり手八十二手に
月刊誌『BURST』の巻頭ページで2年間連載していた作品群。幕末・明治期の諷刺的な浮世絵が果たしていた役割を、現代の雑誌 (現在は廃刊)で復刻したいと考えた。幕末期の浮世絵師、歌川国芳や月岡芳年は版画であるが、これは肉筆で描いている。文章も自ら考え、文字も全て手書き。コンピューターによる出力作品ではない。

The works originally appeared as a serial in the monthly "BURST" magazine over a two-year period, being carried at the front of each issue. The idea behind these paintings was to revive the role once played by satirical ukiyo-e shortly before and after the Meiji Restoration in a modern-day magazine. ("BURST" gained legendary status before being discontinued, as it dealt with Japan's underworld and counterculture, covering such topics as tattoos, body modification, and motorcycle gangs.) While the ukiyo-e by late Edo-period artists like Utagawa Kuniyoshi and Tsukioka Yoshitoshi were prints, the works in these series are paintings. I composed the text and wrote it out by hand, rather than printing it out on a computer.