Japanese Spirit #5


Acrylic、Gold leaf、Wood

Japanese Spirit 五号機
外国人の日本に対する、ステレオタイプの誤解。そんなイメージをより増幅し、外国人が見ることを前提に制作したシリーズ。空想のマシンは、人力で駆動するという設定。2000年、初の個展で核となった作品群。個展以前に「Japanese Spirit 一号機」は1998年「JACA '98」展、「Japanese Spirit 三号機」「Japanese Spirit 五号機」は1999年「URBANART♯8」展 (リキテックス賞受賞)で発表。

This series of paintings draws upon and amplifies the stereotypes foreigners hold of Japan and was intended to be viewed by a foreign audience. The imaginary vehicles are human-powered, much like a rickshaw. The drawings formed the core of works in my first solo exhibition in 2000. The first painting in the series ("Japanese Spirit #1") was shown earlier at JACA '98 (organized by the Japan Art and Culture Association), while "Japanese Spirit #3" and "Japanese Spirit #5" were displayed at the 1999 URBANART ♯8 exhibit (received Sponcer's Special Award).