Kanji Maple Leaves Graffiti Cedar Panel Door Painting,
“Kill with a Single Blow, Special Attack Party”


Oct 2000
Acrylic,Gold leaf,Ceder panel door

漢字燕子花図具羅富異帝杉戸絵 一撃必殺特攻隊
青少年諸君、日本人なら、漢字でグラフィティを描きなさい! ということで、琳派風の紅葉と燕子花で「大和魂・一匹狼」「一撃必殺・特攻隊」を制作。この杉戸は百年ほど前の旧家から譲り受けた廃材。これぞ正しいグラフィティ。

The paintings grew out of my belief that Japanese graffiti artists should use kanji (Sino-Japanese characters), instead of the alphabet. The works are modeled on the paintings of maple leaves and irises by Ogata Korin, and are titled, respectively, "Lone Wolf of Japanese Spirit" and "Kill with a Single Blow, Special Attack Party." The cedar panels used were scrap from a house built about a hundred years ago, making the paintings graffiti in the true sense of the term.