A Tree Frog Pretending to be a“Warlord Frog” (Leopard Frog)


Sep 2002
Acrylic, Wood

私の好きな幕末・明治期に活躍した画家・河鍋暁斎は当時、幕府の御用絵師であった狩野派 (ハイアート)と、大衆のものであった浮世絵 (ローアート)の両方を描いた絵師として有名である。カエルを数多く好んで描いた暁斎に捧げるオマージュであり、権威のメタファーかつそれに対するアイロニー。

Kawanabe Kyosai is one of my favorite painters. Kyosai was active in the late Edo period and Meiji period, and was an expert in the "high art" styles of the dominant, official, Kano school, as well that of ukiyo-e, the "low art" popular among the common people. This work is an homage to Kyosai, who loved and painted numerous images of frogs, and is a metaphor as well as ironic criticism of authority.